Gold’s weekly outlook: Feb 12-16

Gold again slipped in a volatile trade as it kept on with the volatility in equities which may be the cause of the fall but it certainly differs from general outlook of gold being a safe haven in such times. Gold had a swing of $40 which tested both the support and the resistance before settling in for a cut of nearly $20 for the week. Such a reaction of yellow metal gives weak signals for the prices ahead but again it held on to the 10 day moving average and surged higher.

On the chart –

Gold had a volatile week giving opportunities to both bulls and bears but ended up favoring the bears yet again for the second consecutive week. Gold held on the key support of $1308 in the $1300s which must be held for the prices to move up again. We have 2 scenarios –

1. As gold held the support it bounced back in the last week, if this is held then gold can move higher to $1317. If this point is crossed then it can go higher to $1331. If this resistance area is conquered then it can move towards $1345.

2. There are no short trades unless the support is breached and if broken the downside is limited to $1297.

Bullish view – Bulls lost the party again but were able to held on to the key support of $1308 in the $1300s which can help them to lead the surge again. The week started off in good fortune for the bulls as they climbed to $1345 before the steam was lost and it toppled lower to test the support at $1308. For bulls to remain in the game $1308 must hold and if held we can see the prices reversing the 2 week weakness.

Bearish view – Gold broke through the support of $1317 and closed below it suggesting weakness in the demand of yellow metal. If the price falls below the support of $1308 it can go lower towards $1297 which is a key decisive point for the metal.

Possible trades are on both sides but largely on long side, gold can be bought above $1320 for the targets of $1331 and $1345 with a stop loss placed below $1317.
There are no short trades unless $1308 breaks, and if it does still its limited to $1297.

gold weekly 44


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